Hydraulic Forklift PUS

  • simple and stable design
  • good visibility to the working area
  • crate retainer
  • forged steel forks
  • control unit with 4 levers
  • inclination cylinder
  • side adjustment
  • safety valves on lifting- and inclination cylinders
  • safety chain
  • command can be mounted on rear wing due to the long hydraulic tubes and affords a comfortable working
  • frame made from industrial profi les


  • command with 2 levers
  • electromagnetic control unit
  • crate retainer for one crate height adjustable and so also appropriate to low crates
  • hydraulic fork retractor


model lifting height lifting power weight
PU 190S 1900 mm 1400 kg 450 kg
PU 230S 2300 mm 1400 kg 470 kg
PU 250S 2500 mm 1400 kg 490 kg

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