Mechanical engineering for viticulture and fruit growing

Our company specialises in the construction of machinery for the viticulture and fruit-growing industries. Our product portfolio ranges from fixed and width-adjustable rotary mowers through hydraulic forklifts and harvest wagons (self-propelled hoisting platforms), root cutters and rear scoops to box tipper-turning devices (derailleurs) and hydraulic waste-handling scoops for industrial forklifts.

Company history

As early as 1974 we built our first devices, predominantly mulchers and rear-mounted forklifts, in a rented workshop. In 1978 we moved into our current workshop in the Max Valier industrial park for small businesses in Tramin/Termeno and in 1990 we expanded these premises. Nowadays, with almost 40 years of experience behind us, we and our staff offer you the highest level of quality.

Corporate philosophy

We do not build machinery for us; we build for our customers. Our mission is to make the growers' task in the orchards or vineyards easier. Therefore we look over their shoulder and listen to their wishes and needs and then we take these into account in the further development of our agricultural machinery. Our satisfaction is our customers' satisfaction.